Immerse parents in your preschool’s activities, creating their children’s stories in a snap

Share notes and photos with parents, easily and privately

Teachers and caregivers:

Parents and teachers:

Take photos of the children’s special moments and share them privately with parents.

Post important news about what’s happening at school and let parents know what their kids are learning.

Snap. Tag. Send. It’s that easy.

Getting started with Snapchild is really seamless. Use it on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Checkout Amory Donohue’s experience with Snapchild at ¡HolaKids! Language Immersion Preschool.

Private and secure. Peace of mind.

Parents don’t like to see their children’s photos all over the Internet. That’s why we’ve designed Snapchild from the ground up to be private and secure. Only your staff and parents have access to the information, and parents only see their own children’s photos.
We will never share your data.

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